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The metamorphosis of the plastic in flower
When ecology and social rhyme with poetry!


In the 1970s, the plastic was fantastic, in 2015 it is a plague! Inflexible plastic, under diverse forms, invades the planet, pollutes, disrupts and destroys the ecosystems, kills and poisons numerous animal species… He became a public enemy!

To counter this disaster in a esthetic and social way, FLOWERS, first project Les Créations Messagères decides to give him a second life by transforming waste, intended to be thrown or collected in the nature, into flower. The flower, the symbol and the image of the Nature, the beauty, love, the virtues, the hope and the birth.


A federative participative project with social and environmental impact


The plastic is omnipresent worldwide under multiple forms in the everyday life of every individual. The democratization of its use in the business had as consequence its depreciation and its everyday acceptance to become a source of world pollution.

Les Créations Messagères is is nourishing of this reflection to bring the public towards another look on the plastic. His flowers to show that the creative action of the hand of the man can restore him a value.

A project of appreciation which takes a seat by a federative and participative mechanism.